• A Vision for Public Education

  • As an outcome of its September 2011 planning retreat, the Alamance-Burlington Board of Education proposed a strategic planning initiative to discuss how best to enhance the capacity of the school system to prepare students to live in a changing world. Agreeing that the first step in this process was to hear from the greater community, the Alamance County Area Chamber of Commerce was approached to serve as a partner for community engagement to inform their deliberation and decision-making process.

    Recognizing that the full spectrum of education is vital to the success of Alamance County as a place to live and as a place to do business, the chamber agreed to serve as the partner in developing a community vision for the future of public education in Alamance County. Financial support was provided by a grant from the Alamance County Economic Development Foundation. Leading and Governing Associates, Inc. was contracted with to provide planning assistance and facilitation for the process.

    During the 2012-2013 school year, fifty diverse community stakeholders met regularly investing between 40 and 50 hours of vision development work per person. This research, reflection and discussion included reading the book Preserving the Public in Public Schools, written by Phil Boyle and Del Burns, and having each stakeholder interview 10 other community members asking specific questions with regards to core values around public education. The process resulted in A Vision for Public Education in Alamance County. You may access this document which includes the Vision, an overview of the process and the community’s input by clicking on this link.

    Community Stakeholders continue to share this Vision and engage the broader community on behalf of public education.

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