Workforce Resources


Is your company taking full advantage of resources available to assist with human resources, training and recruiting? In an economy with unemployment rates at historical lows hovering around 3% for the past year, companies are challenged with finding new, qualified employees, or training the ones they have for higher level jobs. Many companies are getting creative on their own by combining marketing and human resources efforts to better sell their company. Some are expanding in apprenticeships to bring in a new generation to their facilities. Others are connecting with Alamance Community College and Alamance Burlington Schools to host interns or connect with students and teachers to share about the types of jobs they have available and related skill needs.

Interested in learning more for your company?

The Alamance Chamber has compiled a Workforce Resource Guide to help companies become aware of programs and resources available to local companies, and then how to connect for assistance. The Guide is available on the Chamber website and can be either viewed online, or downloaded. If you have questions or would like some assistance making connections or discussion what resources might best meet your company needs, contact Andrea Fleming, Director, Existing Industry Services, at 336-606-0105 or