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Alamance County is host to ten municipalities that are each individual and unique communities. Information about the leadership of each citiy, town, and village can be found below.

Alamance County

Alamance County government serves approximately 155,000 residents within fifteen communities in diverse areas throughout the county by providing an array of services ranging from public health and safety to culture and recreation.

There are five County Commissioners that serve Alamance County, each represented at large for a four-year term.

Chair John Paisley and County Manager Heidi York represent key leadership for Alamance County.

City of Burlington

The City of Burlington is Alamance County’s largest community,

The City is led by a city manager Craig Honeycutt, as well as Mayor Jim Butler and four council members.

City of Mebane

The City of Mebane is on the Eastern edge of Alamance County, with a portion of this growing city in Orange County.

The city is led by a city manager Chris Rollins, as well as its Mayor Ed Hooks and five council members.

City of Graham

The City of Graham serves as the county seat for Alamance County, welcoming business, legal, and community leaders on a daily basis.

The city is led by its city manager Megan Garner, as well as Mayor Jennifer Talley and three council members.

Town of Elon

The Town of Elon, home to the prestigious Elon University, has a population of over 12,000.

The Town is governed by six members, including Mayor Emily Sharpe and Manager Richard Roedner.

Town of Swepsonville

The Town of Swepsonville is a quickly growing community located along the Haw River.

Town Administrator Brad Bullis and its Mayor Henry Carrouth, in addition to the four council members provide leadership.

Town of Green Level

The Town of Green Level, the future home of Alamance Community College’s Public Safety Training Center, is a small community of just over 2000 residents.

Administrator Barrett Brown and Mayor Sandra McCollum, as well as 4 council members serve this community.

Town of Ossipee

The smallest and newest of Alamance County communities (est 2002), the Town of Ossipee serves just under 600 individuals.

Town of Haw River

The Town of Haw River, rich in Alamance County’s textile history, has a population of 2450 residents and is poised for growth.

Town Manager Sean Tencer, Mayor Kelly Allen, and 4 council members serve the community.

Town of Gibsonville

The Town of Gibsonville straddles the line between Guilford and Alamance Counties

Town Manager Ben Baxley executes the work of Mayor Leonard Williams and the 5 aldermen that serve the town.

The Village of Alamance

The Village of Alamance, home to the esteemed Battle of Alamance of 1771, is home to significant textile roots of the Alamance County community and boasts about 1000 residents.

Mayor Donald Tichy heads the Board of Alderman, supported by the leadership of Town Clerk Ben York.