Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

The following is an official statement/letter distributed to members of the Alamance Chamber on June 15th, 2020:

In handling the arrest of George Floyd, the actions of the policeman involved at the scene in subduing Mr. Floyd resulted in Mr. Floyd’s, death.

The graphic video was shocking and the tragic death of Mr. Floyd completely senseless.

But the incident was much more than one black man being brutalized by one white policeman. It was another in a long line, indeed, a long history of other such incidents tearing open anew the wounds of racial tension that has long marred this country’s character.

In response, protests, peaceful and respectful of Mr. Floyd, were staged around the country intended to raise awareness of injustice, institutional racism, and discrimination. Sadly, the circumstances also opened the door for additional senselessness in the form of rioting, looting and anarchy that further erode our national character.

We need to move forward with positive change.

The Alamance Chamber represents the collective business community which is a major component of the total community. Our mission at the chamber has always been to “enhance the welfare of Alamance County businesses as well as promote economic vitality for our members and the community” . We need to strengthen the commitment to that mission and work to ensure that all citizens have equal access to economic opportunity. A just and equitable society is essential for a thriving economy.

What then does “strengthening the commitment” look like? Going forward, we must:

  • Do better ourselves – this means improving awareness of our own thoughts and actions, and in our work to build a more just business community.
  • Promote equitable hiring practices among our members, helping to create diverse and inclusive company cultures.
  • Demand attention to racial equity in the Covid-19 pandemic response and recovery.
  • Encourage business leader participation in diversity and racial equity training.
  • Be a strong partner in efforts to dismantle systemic racism.
  • Commit to being an advocate and voice of systemic change.

Let us move forward together for positive change.

Download the official letter from Mac Williams, Alamance Chamber President.