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Economic Development Foundation

The Alamance County Economic Development Foundation (ACEDF) is a 501 c 3 not for profit entity created in 2006 to help foster economic development opportunities in Alamance County.  The ACEDF is 100% privately funded by local businesses who support efforts to increase county employment and tax base through the attraction of new industries and expansion of existing industries.

A listing of the current ACEDF Investors is available below.

Investor Directory

ACEDF funds are complementary to public funding that combine to provide the Chamber with resources for economic development programming and staffing for marketing, existing industry support, product development, workforce development, and other services.

If you are interested in becoming an Investor in the ACEDF, contact Mac Williams at

The transition of traditional industries, specifically the textile industry, hindered the county for decades.
However, ACEDF has experienced some significant success over the last five years:
32 new business and industry location and expansion announcements
$563,514,000 in capital investment
2,206 new jobs
An unemployment rate of less than 5%