2020 Census

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Letter Written By:
Amy Galey, Chair, Alamance County Commissioners
& Mac Williams, President, Alamance Chamber

On April 1st, residents across the country will be asked to provide information about themselves as part of the constitutionally required decennial federal census.

Alamance County has organized a Complete Count Committee which is being supported and complemented by an effort by the Alamance Chamber to boost awareness of and encourage participation in the census.

The goal is to have a participation rate of 80% of Alamance County residents responding.

Why is this important?  The census is, ultimately, about money and power.  Cities, counties, and states with the highest numbers will get the opportunities for the most money and the most power.  Moreover, the numbers we generate though THIS census will determine how much money and power we receive for the next DECADE!

Amy Galey, Chair of the Alamance County commissioners says, “It is important to get as high a response as possible so that our county gets its due representation and, also, benefits from the programs and services supported by federal and state funding.  Each individual person’s response counts and we really need a special effort for the more vulnerable populations of our county such as children and the elderly.  It is estimated that Alamance County receives $1800 per person annually in federal and state funding based on the census.”

Mac Williams, President of the Alamance Chamber added, “When you consider that over $300 million dollars in funding to Alamance County over 10 years is at stake, the census has a significant economic development impact.  The business community needs to be part of the effort to ensure as high a count as possible.”

We encourage you to become aware of the census and to promote participation among your family, friends, colleagues, employees, and associates.

For more information, we invite you to visit these websites:
US Census Bureau – www.2020census.gov
State of NC – www.nccensus.org
Alamance County – www.alamance-nc.com/census

Amy Galey, Chair
Alamance County Commissioners

Mac Williams, President
Alamance Chamber

To view the formal letter, click here.

Other Resources:
If you would like to learn more about Census 2020, join the Alamance Chamber Advocacy Council for a presentation on Wednesday, March 4 at the Paramount Theater in Burlington from 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. Additional details and registration can be found here.