A Letter to our Business Community

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Reagan C. Gural

By: Reagan C. Gural, IOM, CCEC
Vice President, Alamance Chamber

COVID-19. That one phrase has made the last three weeks unbelievable.
This pandemic has changed everything about the way we do business, interact with people and see the future.

This situation has challenged us all and will continue to do in the foreseeable future. Businesses have shifted their
business models and plans, they have been challenged to make difficult decisions, and thousands of people have lost
their jobs. This is unchartered territory for everyone.

So how do you tackle a situation that is changing every day? My thought—Your community can help! I have spent the last few weeks watching our community, Alamance County, come together in support of each other.

Out of this crisis there have been acts that have inspired me.

I have seen business rise-up and shift the way they do business. I have seen them repurpose their manufacturing to support the needs of the healthcare industry. I have seen a community pull together to support local businesses through pick up orders, online orders and gift card purchases. I have seen businesses standing up for businesses.

For me this is hope.

Loyal, committed and supportive. These are adjectives I use to describe the Alamance County community during a crisis.

To each business…. You are important… You are needed.

The Alamance Chamber tagline is “Access more” — that has never been truer. Our role during this crisis is to ensure businesses have access to the resources and information they need.

We are in this with you.

Reagan C. Gural, IOM, CCEC
Vice President
Alamance Chamber

To view the Alamance Chamber’s COVID-19 Resource Page, click here.