Patience & Positivity

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Andrea Fleming

By: Andrea Fleming
Director, Existing Industry Services
Alamance Chamber

Have patience with all things, But, first of all with yourself.
 – Saint Francis de Sales

Has it not yet been a month since our lives, our community and our economy have been turned upside down? Put on hold? Thrown into high gear? The current health crisis has abruptly shifted everyone’s personal and professional lives and put unforeseen stresses on both.

Two important things to remember? Patience and Positivity.

Be patient. Your banker is overwhelmed and learning about all the financial implications and new programs in real time, just as you are. Healthcare professionals are busy and stressed about what the coming weeks may bring, while at the same time worried about their own health. Grocery store employees can’t stay home; they’re at work making sure residents can get what we need. Employees transitioning to working at home, with new technologies, often with very small co-workers asking for snacks every 10 minutes. Restaurant owners learning online order and curbside payment options when they’re used to running a kitchen.

These are just a few examples. Can’t we all use a bit more patience from others? Take a deep breath. Share a smile. Remember, we’re all in this together and have higher than normal stress levels. Hopefully your patience with someone will be returned when you need it most.

Be positive. There are some bright spots of positivity in our business community. In the past three weeks the Chamber has assisted companies that are hiring due to increased demand for the products. We’ve connected manufacturers with each other so they can learn from their peers what additional support and protections are being put in place for their employees. We’ve helped companies as they pivot to increase production for high-demand medical products. We even secured a donation of compression socks for the Cone Health employees working long hours in the Covid-19 support units. Have a positive story to share? Let us know! We can all use some bright spots in right now.

Need help? ASK! The Chamber is here to help you and your business. We’re in this together as a community. Every business matters. You matter. As a community, with patience and positivity, we will get through this.

Take care of yourself. Take care of your business. Be patient. Be positive.

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