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Economic Development Foundation

The Alamance County Economic Development Foundation exists to alleviate unemployment and underemployment within, and stimulate the economic development of, Alamance County and its several municipalities by fostering and promoting business and industry, developing commerce and trade, and securing the location of manufacturing and commercial enterprises in Alamance .

The transition of traditional industries, specifically the textile industry, hindered the county for decades.
However, ACEDF has experienced some significant success over the last five years:
32 new business and industry location and expansion announcements
$563,514,000 in capital investment
2,206 new jobs
An unemployment rate of less than 5%

To fulfill the vision of economic vitality for Alamance County, stakeholders must continue to support the strategic positioning of the county to compete in a global marketplace. Such important work must be funded to remain relevant and continue the positive trajectory.  Over the next five years, ACEDF will concentrate its efforts on programs and activities to fulfill its mission, and take the next step.

If you are interested in becoming an investor with the Alamance County Economic Development Foundation, contact Mac Williams at