Maximizing Your Chamber Resources

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Does your company require you to report on the wages and benefits of employees in your field? Or maybe about local demographics or population trends? Do you have building or site that you want to appear on the Alamance Chamber’s site or the state’s website?

If so, then Julia Huneycutt, the Economic Development Associate at the Alamance Chamber, may quickly become a valuable resource to you and your company. Julia has numerous research capabilities at her fingertips to assist with helping members learn more about supply chain needs, wage data and specific occupations and industries, just to name a few.

The Alamance chamber also maintains several “cut sheets” with important information for the community. These Cutsheets are quick facts about demographics, accessibility, tax rates, the local workforce, major industries in the area and general facts about the community. These can be downloaded here.

Julia also keeps up with the available industrial building and sites in the county. This list can be found here. Site selection consultants and businesses looking to relocate frequently review this list when they are interested in Alamance county, so it is no wonder that it is one of the chamber’s most visited pages.

The Economic Development team at the Alamance Chamber can be a valuable tool for you and your business. Contact Julia Huneycutt at if you need any of the services described above.