Choose Alamance: Part Two

Reagan C. Gural

We know it takes a lot to be a small business owner. You are putting yourself out there and taking risks to do something you love. I admire people who run their own small businesses because I know how rewarding it can be, but it is also extremely challenging at times.

It is important for our local businesses to know that they are not alone. When it comes to the ups and downs our local businesses need support.

Did you know that when people shop small, everyone wins?

During the COVID-19 pandemic Alamance County has proven how much our community supports small businesses. Our community has banded together and shown up for their neighbor. They have supported each other. My hope is that we will continue growing this support even after COVID-19 passes. It is important that people continue to understand why shopping local is so important.

Here are some of the reasons I think people choose local.

1. Building Strong Relationships

Shopping small and local offers customers a personal experience. Local Business Owners have the ability customize each experience for each customer. This makes each customer feel special and will result in repeat business.

2. Pride in your Business

As a small business owner, you are directly invested in the health and well-being of your company therefore you will always strive for higher quality products and a higher quality experience. Your customers know to come to you in order to find those unique experience, products, and gifts.

3. Local Impact

Small businesses contribute to local economies by bringing growth and innovation to the community in which the business is established.

As of 2018, Small businesses employ more than 14,700 people in Alamance County. This is a significant impact for our community and supports a thriving local economy.

4. Local Support

Small Business Owners are real people that we know. They are people that we bump into in our community. When customers shop local, they know they are firsthand supporting the economic health of their own community. You are helping to support families and dreams by shopping small.

As a small business, you typically go to other local businesses to buy materials and services to support your own business. You are building relationships that help our community prosper. Supporting small local businesses keeps the dollars you spend in our community.

Now’s here is your chance to encourage our community to shop small. Now is the time to market your business online and welcome your customers virtually into your store.

Let your customers know what makes your business special and how you can meet their needs! Let them know that they keep you going!

We all need to #ChooseAlamance!